At Levy Chiropractic, we are grateful for our wonderful patients. Read some of our patient testimonials!

“I have lived with back pain for many years and I thought I would have to live with it. Then I decided to seek chiropractic care. As a nurse, I knew that if the body was out of alignment there would be all sorts of problems with muscle spasms and pain. Now after treatment I have been able to resume my  usual activities especially working in my garden and tending my roses.”

– MP  RN  age 87

Seven years ago when I was afflicted with post-polio syndrome, my son and daughter-in-law recommended that I see Dr. Levy for treatment. She has worked with me every week and improved my life in every way. I have gradually gained strength and increased movement.     I also appreciate the Zen like appearance and mood of the whole office. Everything is quiet and well organized. Therefore, Dr. Levy has been able to give all of her treatments with the utmost consideration for my time and comfort.

– SD   Retired  age 85

After working with Dr. Levy the pain in my arm and shoulder was gone for good. Over the last ten years, I have found that in relying on her treatment, I have peace in knowing that my body will always return to a state of ease and relaxation and that I don’t have to fear that I will be in pain. Thanks for all the good work you have done for me, and for others.

– JJ   Retired   age 65

I DID IT! I ran 100 miles and I could NOT have done it without your help and work on my body. Thanks so much for all that you have done for me!! I felt great and had NO back, knee, or hip issues. Weird- but true! I had a great day out there on the Western States Trail. thanks again, Dr. Levy.

– CS

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