Our Practice

Located in the heart of San Rafael, CA., Levy Chiropractic is like no other medical or chiropractic office. The environment is one of tranquility and comfort. Decorated in calming pastels, we do not have bright lights, loud machines, or stressed staff members. As soon as you enter our office, you will notice a peaceful and easy feeling in the air.

Chiropractic is the hands on approach to correct vertebral subluxations and restore nerve supply. The brain and spinal cord are protected by the cranium and vertebrae (spinal column). The nerves that exit the spinal column are vulnerable to the position of the vertebrae. When the vertebrae do not allow enough space for nerve flow, function from that nerve is affected and symptoms surface.

The nervous system, if allowed to flow freely, wants the body to function at optimal level. Through chiropractic I help work toward that goal with each adjustment.

Dr. Veronica Levy, DC

  • 1983 Graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College, LA, CA

Post graduate study:

  • Advanced Cranial Sacral work with Dr. Dennis Hertenstein and Dr. Hugh Milne
  • Cervical Trauma, Los Angeles Chiropractic College
  • Sports and Extremity Injury, Los Angeles Chiropractic College
  • Pregnancy and Infant Chiropractic Care, Life West Chiropractic College